DTI Codes – Turnover under R5 mil
Tourism Codes – Turnover under R2.5 mil
Constructions Codes – BEP – Turnover under R1.5 mil (architects, quantity surveyor)

Who Needs a B-BBEE certificate?
• Companies tendering for work with the Government
• Companies looking to provide products or services to large corporate entities

If a Company is less that 1 year old your company qualifies as a start-up enterprise and can qualify as an exempt micro enterprise for BEE purposes.

Who may issue a B-BBEE certificate?

Only SANAS accredited BEE Verification Agencies, registered Auditors with IRBA or registered accounting officers in good standing with their professional bodies.

What will it cost:

Our prices are as follow:

• For companies with black ownership greater than 50% Level 3 (110% recognition)        -R490.00
• For companies with black ownership less than 50% Level 4 (100% recognition)            -R350.00

What is needed:

The following documents are required:

• Company registration documents
• Signed share certificates – if applicable
• Share register – if applicable
• Certified copies of the shareholders / members ID’s
• Proof of turnover (if not newly registered) – Either a signed copy of your last financial statements OR a copy of your last TAX return submitted OR 12 months of VAT returns (six consecutive VAT Returns) OR a letter from your Accounting Officer stating your turnover.
• Signed declaration (click here to download the document)
• Proof of payment.

Our banking details:

Bank: FNB
Account name: Colbee Accountants CC
Account number; 62333857095
Branch code: 250655

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