With the current pandemic happening around the world business owners need to embrace technology to drive their business forward. One of these will be cloud-based accounting platforms.  Real-time updates mean no more waiting to learn the health of your finances. View interactive reports and budgets, all in one customizable dashboard. Spend less time in spreadsheets and more time on your business by enjoying three months free subscription to Xero.

Xero’s online accounting software lives in the cloud.  Xero is always secure, reliable – and our experts are here to support you 24/7. Some of the benefits of embracing cloud accounting are: 


  1. Automate everyday business tasks
  2. Increase performance  
  3. Work from anywhere in the world
  4. Always have up to date financial information 
  5. Ease of collaborating with your accountant and business advisor
  6. Build a scalable business 
  7. You always have the latest version of the software and implementing new software if fairly quick compared to desktop version 

With a 3 month free subscription, you will be able to assess the software and the relevant ad on applications that could potentially make your business more successful. 

Migrate to Xero at no cost. Sign up for a monthly accounting package before 15 May 2020 and receive a 3 months free Xero Subscription.
Xero accounting software for small businesses works anywhere you do. 

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