Products and services

Accounting services
Preparation of Annual Financial Statements and Management Accounts based on the latest South African Statements of Generally Accepted Accounting Standards, which are formulated according to international trends and standards.

We offer a professional service, whereby we prepare or assist clients with the preparation of ad-hoc financial statements and other financial information necessary to apply for finance, tenders or similar.  As part of this service we can also assist in liaising with the financial institution and ensuring that all relevant information is submitted in the appropriate format.

Tax compliance
Calculation, completion and submission of the following SARS returns:
•    EMP201 (PAYE/UIF/SDL)
•    VAT201
•    Income Tax Returns
•    EMP501 – including the issue of IRP5’s
As registered tax practitioners we ensure that all tax work is performed according to standard and we keep abreast of changes made by tax authorities.  Tax compliance work for both individuals and corporations can be accommodated.  This service includes following up on outstanding assessments and lodging objections to incorrect assessments.
In addition to the standard returns above, our firm can provide assistance in applying for and obtaining tax clearances.  We are in a position to provide our clients with tax advice on all tax matters in the form of specific tax consultations.

Payroll administration
Maintaining a monthly payroll on behalf of our clients involves the calculation of their employees’ net salaries based on information provided by the employer.  We will ensure that the correct statutory amounts (PAYE/UIF/SDL) are deducted from the employees and paid over timeously to SARS.  Monthly EMP201’s are all submitted and can also be paid via SARS e-filing.

This service includes the preparation and issuing of IRP5’s and IT3(a)’s at financial year end as well as the completion and submission of the annual EMP501 reconciliation.

Bookkeeping services
Processing financial information provided by clients on a monthly or bi monthly basis up to Trial Balance.  Our clients will also have access to structured information on their income, expenses, debtors and creditors which can be vital in making day to day business decisions.

Statutory registrations
Completion and submission of applications to register individuals and corporations for Income Tax, VAT, PAYE, UIF and SDL.

Secretarial services
Registration of new companies and close corporations, including name reservations.  Purchase of shelf companies and close corporations on behalf of our clients, including effecting necessary amendments with CIPRO.  Submission of relevant CIPRO documents to amend shareholders, members, directors, auditors and company or close corporation details.
Submission of Annual Returns to CIPRO on behalf of our clients.  This is a resent requirement of CIPRO for all companies and close corporations on an annual basis.

Business plans
As part of our service to entrepreneurs in starting and managing their business we assist with preparation of professional business plans.  This details the purpose of the business, the personnel involved and the financial outlook for a 12 month period.

Business valuations
Our clients would have to place extensive time and effort in order to place a value to their business, but this has become a necessity for many businesses in the last couple of years.  We bring to the table our expertise in this field to assist in establishing a reasonable value for companies.

BEE ratings
We work in conjunction with a reputable BEE rating services company, BEE Verification Agency, to offer our clients the best expertise in this field.

Formation of Trusts and drafting of wills
As part of the process of estate and business planning we are able to assist our clients by doing Trust registrations and drafting of wills in house.

Body Corporates
We have added Body Corporate audits to our list of services offered as we saw the need for smaller Body Corporate to have their audits perform professionally as well as cost effectively.

Pastel accounting dealer
We are registered Pastel Accounting dealers. We can assist you with choosing the right package for your company. Software includes from My Invoicing up to Pastel Partner.


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