Tax Compliance

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Tax Compliance 

As registered tax practitioners we ensure that all tax work is performed according to legislation and relevant standards.  As registered tax practitioners we keep abreast of all relevant changes made by tax authorities.  We are able to perform tax compliance work for both individuals and corporations. This service includes following up on outstanding assessments and lodging objections to incorrect assessments.

Calculation, completion and submission of the following SARS returns:
• VAT201
• Personal Income Tax Returns (IT12)
• Company tax returns (IT14)
• Company and individual provisional tax (IRP6)
• EMP501 – including the issue of relevant IRP5’s
• IT14SD reconciliation and submissions

In addition to the standard returns above, our firm can provide assistance in applying for and obtaining tax clearances. We are in a position to provide our clients with tax advice on all tax matters in the form of specific tax consultations.

• Tax clearance 
• Tax directive 
• Income tax registrations
Calculation of provisional tax 
Tax Consultations 
Calculation of provisional tax
VAT Registrstion 
Preparation of IT14SD reconciliations 

SARS payment arrangements


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